9 Machine Learning Projects in Python with Code in GitHub to give you Ideas


Deep Learning has been the most revolutionary branch of machine learning in recent years due to its amazing results. In this article, we will let you know some interesting machine learning projects in python with code in Github. You can either fork these projects and make improvements to it or you can take inspiration to develop your own deep learning projects from scratch.

We are also listing down the stars (★) and the number of forks (⑂) these GitHub repositories have got (at the time of writing this) to give you an idea of their popularity.

Machine Learning Projects Github Repositories

Beginner Level Machine Learning Projects |⭐ – 71| ⑂ – 44

Machine Learning Projects in Python with Code in GitHub - 1

This GitHub repository is the host for multiple beginner level machine learning projects. You will find projects with python code on hairstyle classification, time series analysis, music dataset, fashion dataset, MNIST dataset, etc. One can take inspiration from these machine learning projects and create their own projects.

Link to the repository

Intermediate Level Machine Learning Projects |⭐ – 3| ⑂ – 7

Machine Learning Projects in Python with Code in GitHub - 2

It’s always good to move step-by-step while learning new concepts and fundamentals. After having viewed beginner-level projects, this GitHub repository contains some intermediate-level machine learning projects You will find machine learning projects with python code on DNA classification, Credit Card Fraud Detection, Breast Cancer Detection, etc.

Link to the repository

Basketball Analysis with Machine Learning |⭐ – 468 | ⑂ – 78

Machine Learning Projects in Python with Code in GitHub - 3

This project consists of an application that has object detection as its core method which is used for detecting the pose and the basketball shots taken by an individual. It is a web application that can tell the angle at which the ball is released and it can even detect whether the shot successfully passed through the basket or not. Apart from the web app, it also has an API.

Link to the repository

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AI learning to play a game by watching |⭐ – 183 | ⑂ – 37


Machine Learning Projects in Python with Code in GitHub - 4
Image for Representation

This is another interesting GitHub repository that shows how we can teach an AI to play a game by just watching humans play the game. There are python scripts that can help you in building the dataset required for training the deep learning model and also for testing it. This AI bot first observes the key presses made throughout the game and then tries to emulate them based on the scenarios.

Link to the repository

Social Distance Analyzer |⭐ – 226 | ⑂ – 132

Machine Learning Projects in Python with Code in GitHub - 5

In these times of crisis caused due to coronavirus, some of the steps taken to counter it has been social distancing. This project can be a handy surveillance tool to check people moving in an area are following the minimum requirement of social distancing or not. It has a feature where it tells how many people are moving on the road while keeping a safe distance and how many are walking too close and violating the rule of social distancing.

Link to the repository

Jazz Music Generation using Deep Learning |⭐ – 2.7k | ⑂ – 414

Deep Learning Project

In this GitHub repository, deep learning libraries like Keras and Theano are used for generating jazz music by building a two-layer LSTM recurrent neural network. The neural network is trained based on the count of epochs. The repository also shows preprocessing the text before generating the final music. 

Link to the repository

Human Activity Recognition |⭐ – 2.7k | ⑂ – 816

This is an interesting machine learning project GitHub repository where human activity is recognized through TensorFlow and LSTM Recurrent Neural Networks. Human activity is categorized into 6 different categories. All this recognition of human activity is collected through smartphone sensors data.

Link to the repository

Design mock-up to a static Website |⭐ – 12.9k | ⑂ – 1.3k

Machine Learning Project Ideas - 1

This GitHub repository hosts a machine learning project that takes the design of a static website and writes the code for the design given as input. At its core, it uses a neural network to converts images to HTML markup. The resulting website is the same as the input design but through the code generated using a neural network.

Link to the repository


DeOldifying Images|⭐ – 10.3k | ⑂ – 1.3k

Machine Learning Project Ideas - 2

This machine learning GitHub project is developed to restore old images and videos. The deep learning model uses a self-attention generative neural network. The best part about this repository is that it contains three different models that are used for the deoldifying process. Videos are processed through the video model, the other two models are artistic and stable, both are used with images.

Link to the repository

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In this article, we saw many Machine Learning Projects in python with code in GitHub. We hope it will help you to create your own machine learning projects to amaze others and enhance your learning and resume.

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