MLK is a knowledge sharing community platform for machine learning enthusiasts, beginners and experts. Let us create a powerful hub together to Make AI Simple for everyone.

Our Vision

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for the majority part of its existence had been confined within the walls of academics. It was a closed community of scholars and researchers, with very limited practical use cases. But with the recent advancements in machine learning & deep learning along with more computing and storage powers than ever, we are witnessing AI boom. AI has found its ways across all industries – from business to end users, all are consuming power of AI in the most amazing and creative ways possible. This is the most exciting times to live now, if you want to join this amazing journey of machine learning as a developer or data scientist either as a serious profession or as a passion. We want to empower a whole new generation of beginners with knowledge of machine learning. This is just a beginning of AI era – the best is yet to come and we want you to make it happen.