[2020] 8 Best YouTube Channels for Machine Learning Beginners

YouTube is a great source of educational channels and in recent years many channels have come up that are spreading knowledge of machine learning. If you are either a beginner and looking for some great content on machine learning, do check out these best YouTube channels on machine learning.

1StatQuest with Josh Starmer

This channel focuses on creating videos on machine learning, data science, and statistics which are easy to understand by beginners. The main uniqueness of this channel is that concepts are explained with the help of animation along with an added dose of dry humor, which makes the learning more fun.


Sentdex is a very well known Python tutorial channel, but one of his most popular content is based on Machine Learning tutorials with Python. There is an entire playlist by him on Machine Learning, do check it out. He does a live hands-on on various machine learning topics.


Andrew Ng’s courses have a cult status among ML courses. After his successful course on machine learning, Andrew launched another course on deep learning and then released it for free on the official channel. In this course, he starts from the nut and bolts of neural network and works his way up to deep learning in a very simple manner. (His machine learning course, is not on his official YouTube channel, hence not in our list)


Deepmind, now acquired by Google is the same company whose Reinforcement Learning model created a buzz after it created the legendary human champion, Lee Sudol, in the game of GO. They have a playlist on Reinforcement Learning in their channel which is one of the most comprehensive and simple to follow content for beginners.


This is not a machine learning channel but a mathematics channel that explores the beauty of maths with the help of some creative animation. It, however, has a playlist of neural network which has one of the best animated explanation of how neural network works. The playlist is a must-watch for any machine learning enthusiast.

6Krish Naik

Krish Naik is a Lead Data Scientist, who is making plenty of videos on machine learning and data science that are targetted to beginners. He maintains plenty of well-managed playlists on various topics of machine learning which makes it easier to navigate through content. And apart from tutorials, he also gives career advises to beginners who want to enter this field.


If you have just started out with deep learning and want to have a high-level understanding of many areas within deep learning, this is one of the best channels. All are explainer videos with animations and are fun to watch. The only unfortunate thing is that this channel is currently dead with no videos for the last couple of years. Yet, the content is evergreen and should be a must-watch if you are a beginner.

8Data School

Data School is a channel that focuses on data science. It is targetted to beginners and the videos are easy to follow with great explanations. The channel has plenty of playlists which makes it easier to navigate through the old contents.

(Only those channels are listed here that are putting their own original content)

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