Samsung Unveils Revolutionary Generative AI Model, Samsung Gauss, at AI Forum

Samsung made waves at the Samsung AI Forum by introducing its groundbreaking generative AI model, Samsung Gauss, named after the famed mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss. This unveiling underscores the increasing integration of AI by device manufacturers, particularly in the smartphone and computer sectors.

The announcement unfolded at the annual Samsung AI Forum in Seoul, a key event hosted by Samsung Research and the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology since 2017.

Developed in-house by Samsung Research, Gauss is already making waves within the company, enhancing employee productivity. Samsung plans to extend its applications to various product functionalities in the future.

The Samsung Gauss model comprises three core components: Samsung Gauss Language, Samsung Gauss Code, and Samsung Gauss Image.

The Language component, a generative language model, focuses on improving work efficiency by aiding tasks such as email composition, document summarization, and translation. Beyond workplace applications, it holds the potential to elevate consumer experiences by enabling smarter device control, catering to both cloud-based and on-device applications.

The Code component introduces a coding assistant named “code,” designed to streamline in-house software development. Developers benefit from an interactive interface supporting functions like code description and test case generation.

The Image component is dedicated to effortlessly generating and editing images. Users can make style changes, additions, and convert low-resolution images to high-resolution, showcasing its versatility in visual content manipulation.

Samsung emphasizes the on-device applicability of these models, ensuring the protection of consumers’ private information. The company addresses safety concerns through its AI Red Team, dedicated to scrutinizing security and privacy issues at every stage of AI implementation.

The introduction of Samsung Gauss marks a significant stride in Samsung’s AI innovation journey, showcasing a commitment to privacy and security.

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