OpenAI Temporarily Halts New ChatGPT Plus Sign-ups Amid Overwhelming Demand


In response to a surge in usage after its recent developer day, OpenAI has temporarily paused accepting new users for its paid ChatGPT Plus service. CEO Sam Altman acknowledged the overwhelming demand, stating the need to ensure a great experience for everyone. Altman reassured users that they can still sign up to be notified within the app when subscriptions reopen.

OpenAI, boasting approximately 100 million weekly users, recently unveiled its powerful language model, GPT-4 Turbo, at its inaugural developer conference. The new model is touted as more potent and updated compared to the previous GPT-4 version announced in March. OpenAI is also empowering ChatGPT users to create customized bots for specific tasks, offering cost reductions on more robust models for developers.

Altman initiated a beta program for developers to fine-tune GPT-4 models, and the company launched its Custom Models program, providing a dedicated team of researchers to train custom GPT-4 models. OpenAI is set to introduce the GPT Store, allowing users to share their GPTs and earn money based on user engagement.

With a weekly user base of 100 million since its launch in November 2022, OpenAI continues to innovate, and its latest GPT-4 Turbo boasts a larger 128K context window, capable of accommodating over 300 pages of text in a single prompt.

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