OpenAI in Talks for $86 Billion Valuation Amid Surging ChatGPT Popularity


OpenAI, the influential force behind the creation of the highly popular ChatGPT, is reportedly engaged in negotiations to trade the shares held by its current employees at a striking valuation of $86 billion, as per Bloomberg News on Wednesday, with insights from individuals familiar with the ongoing discussions.

The news comes after the Wall Street Journal’s revelation last month, affirming OpenAI’s pursuit of a staggering $90 billion valuation in the event of a share sale. Notably, the tech giant boasts the support of industry-heavyweight Microsoft.

Despite the mounting interest and inquiries, OpenAI is yet to provide an official response to a request for comment from Reuters.

ChatGPT, celebrated for its ability to generate human-like responses based on user inputs, has played a pivotal role in bolstering the widespread adoption of artificial intelligence, consequently propelling the astronomical surge in San Francisco-headquartered OpenAI market value. Earlier this year, the company orchestrated a noteworthy share sale, amassing a valuation of $30 billion.

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