LinkedIn Taps AI for Enhanced Recruiting and Marketing


LinkedIn, the Microsoft-owned professional social network, is set to introduce artificial intelligence (AI) features aimed at streamlining recruiting and marketing efforts on its platform.

Leveraging technology from OpenAI, the creators of ChatGPT, which Microsoft has invested in, LinkedIn is enhancing its core business functionalities.

Recruiters will benefit from AI-powered natural language processing, enabling them to find job candidates by asking questions in plain language. The system can engage in a dialogue with recruiters, seeking clarifications and suggesting related profiles. This approach aims to broaden the pool of potential candidates by focusing on skills rather than rigid job titles or educational backgrounds.

LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky explained that the platform seeks to encourage hiring based on skills that align with job requirements. This approach opens up opportunities for a wider range of candidates, beyond those with Ivy League educations or experience at well-known companies.

In addition to these enhancements for recruiters, LinkedIn is also introducing AI-powered tools for sales professionals. These tools will assist in prospecting and identifying potential leads.

Furthermore, LinkedIn plans to launch an AI-powered feature that can analyze a company’s website and generate marketing campaigns for business-to-business products and services. These campaigns will be designed to run on LinkedIn’s platform.

Despite these significant enhancements, LinkedIn does not intend to impose extra charges for these new AI features. With over 950 million members, the platform continues to evolve, leveraging AI to improve user experiences for recruiters, marketers, and professionals across various industries.

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