How to start with Machine Learning?

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Hello Friends,

This is my very first blog with MLK, just wanted to share my experience of how I started with Machine Learning.

I know you will have a quick question that there are lot of video’s and lectures available online, then why it is important here.

This is important as those available resources are not in order, and once may end up strating with somehwere mid, instead of starting from start.

So first thing first, if you are planning to start with Machine Learning, make sure you have complete or have a basic understanding of below.

  • Basics of PYTHON or R or any other lanugage used for ML.
  • Have through understanding of DataFrames, as in ML you have to deal with DataFrames mainly.
  • Basic Understanding of Data Science ; AI; ML; Deep Learning; Data Engineer etc… this is just for your understanding that we do not mix all and neither consider any of the jargons as big and get feared of it.

Once you have this you can proceed further. If need you can follow along, as I will be sharing my more experience. And onr request, I am also new to this field which is AI; DS; ML etc… so when you feel i am diverting please do correct me.

Deep Learning Specialization on Coursera

See you on next blog.


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