Chinese AI Giant Baidu Unveils Ernie 4.0, Competing with GPT-4 in the U.S.


Chinese search engine and AI firm Baidu introduced Ernie 4.0, a powerful AI model capable of comprehension, reasoning, memory, and content generation. CEO Robin Li presented Ernie 4.0 at the Baidu World conference, highlighting its significant advancements over the previous Ernie Bot model.

Baidu’s demonstration showcased Ernie 4.0’s capabilities in generating advertising materials and crafting a martial arts novel with diverse characters. As one of the leading players in China’s AI race, Baidu aims to solidify its position in the global AI market, especially after the success of OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Despite the promising launch, Baidu’s Hong Kong-listed shares faced a slight decline of 1.7% following the announcement. While Ernie 4.0 is not yet accessible to the public, selected individuals have been invited to test its capabilities. Baidu plans to integrate AI technology into its various services, including search engines, maps, cloud drives, and business intelligence solutions.

As China tightens regulations on the AI industry, Baidu will need to adhere to the stringent requirements, including security reviews and data compliance, while expanding its AI offerings. In contrast, the United States currently lacks similar regulations in the AI sector.

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