11 Amazing ChatGPT Demos and Examples that will Blow Your Mind

ChatGPT Demos and Examples that will Blow Your Mind


OpenAI, the leading research institute in the field of artificial intelligence, recently unveiled the free preview version of its latest language model: ChatGPT on 30th November 2022. And within a week it got more than a million registration and quickly the ChatGPT demos and examples went viral online. ChatGPT is specifically designed for conversational tasks and is based on the GPT-3.5 language model, which is one of the largest and most advanced language models in the world. This means that it is able to generate text that is natural, fluent, and follows the context and flow of a conversation.

What is ChatGPT used for?

ChatGPT is a dialogue-based language model designed for generating human-like text in response to user input. This makes it well-suited for a wide range of applications, including chatbot development, natural language processing, and text generation.

Some examples of tasks that ChatGPT can be used for include:

  • Generating responses to user input in a chatbot or virtual assistant.
  • Generating text in a chat-like style, such as simulating a conversation between two people.
  • Generating personalized responses to user input, such as by using user-specific information to generate more relevant and accurate responses.

ChatGPT is also able to maintain a conversation by generating responses that are relevant to the previous input and continue the conversation in a natural way. For example, you could start a conversation with ChatGPT by asking it a question, and it would respond with a relevant answer. It can be followed by another question or comment to continue the conversation and ChatGPT will respond along with it.

ChatGPT Demos and Examples

Here we are listing below some amazing ChatGPT demos and examples that will surely blow your mind away. We have however not included gimmicky examples & capabilities that the world has already seen with the original GPT-3 model. You can check various GPT-3 demos below in our other article –

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Our focus here is to list down those capabilities of ChatGPT that can increase your productivity in practical life.

1. Conversational Demo of ChatGPT

Let us first see a demo of how ChatGPT can carry out a conversation with continuation like a personal assistant. We first asked an initial question about Donald Trump, and after getting the answer we followed up with more questions without explicitly mentioning Trump’s name again. ChatGPT understood that we are continuing the topic and it answered accordingly. This conversational style of interaction is one of the biggest USPs of ChatGPT.

ChatGPT Demo - Conversation

2. ChatGPT Explains Black Holes Like I am 5 Years Old

In this example, we asked ChatGPT to explain black holes like I am 5 years old. And it does a pretty good job with its answer. We further follow it up with another question asking how many black holes are there in the universe and again it gives back a good reply.

ChatGPT Examples - Explaining Black Holes

3. ChatGPT Example of Writing a Blog Article

After the massive success of GPT-3, it should not come as a surprise to you that ChatGPT can write really good blog articles based on prompts. In this example, we give it a prompt to write a blog post on “How to deal with Office Politics and Come Out Winner” under 600 words, and it really writes a very impressive article.

ChatGPT Examples of Blog Writing

4. ChatGPT Demo of Drafting an Email

How many of you struggle to put your thoughts into a formal mail? Don’t worry ChatGPT is there to help you. In this demo, we gave a scenario to ChatGPT and ask it to convert it into a formal mail to the boss. Honestly, it drafted the mail more beautifully than most of humans can write.


ChatGPT Demo of Drafting an Email

5. Creating YouTube Script with ChatGPT

Are you running out of ideas/research for writing a script for your next YouTube video? ChatGPT can help you to generate a script if you give it a topic. Of course, the script may not be ready to use, but it can serve as a base for you to write the YouTube script.

Example of ChatGPT writes YouTube Script

6. ChatGPT Example of Book Summarization

In this example, we asked ChatGPT to summarize the famous book Rich Dad and Poor Dad within 200 words and it did generate a good summary. You can try this with other famous books and literature out there.

ChatGPT Example - Book Summarization

7. ChatGPT Can Write Celebrity Interview Questions

In this example, we simply prompted ChatGPT to help us with some interview questions that we can ask Elon Musk.


8. ChatGPT Can Write Legal Will

In this example, we asked ChatGPT to create a legal will by letting it know the distribution of wealth between the family member.

Chat GPT Example - Writing a Will

9. ChatGPT Demo of Writing SQL Queries

In this demo, we pass a table structure to ChatGPT and ask it to write SQL queries around it and it does the job really well.


ChatGPT Demo of Writing SQL Queries

10. ChatGPT Example of Solving Maths Problem 

Are you looking for some guide to solve your maths homework? Don’t worry ChatGPT can solve it for you. However, be careful about its correctness as evident in our example below. If you look closely at the first question, although ChatGPT chose the right approach to solve the maths problem, instead of finding the value of x+1 it calculated the value of x, hence arriving at the wrong answer. However, apart from this small miss, it was able to solve the other two problems correctly.


ChatGPT Demo of Maths

ChatGPT Example of Maths

11. ChatGPT Solves English Comprehension

In this demo, we give ChatGPT an English comprehension problem and ask it to answer the questions after going through the paragraph. Amazingly it not only gives the right answer but also gives an explanation about it.

ChatGPT Demo Comprehension

ChatGPT Example - Comprehension Answer


Hope you were left amazed by these ChatGPT demos and examples. Right now it is available freely by OpenAI for research purposes, however, it will be interesting to see how they will put pricing on ChatGPT in the near future. Till then have fun with ChatGPT.




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